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  Osteopenia / Fractures


STAT3 Deficiency


STAT3 Deficiency (Hyper IgE syndrome) - Patients have osteopenia and pathologic fractures. Other musculoskeletal abnormalities include joint hypermobility, scoliosis, and retained primary teeth. Of note, these musculoskeletal abnormalities are not features of DOCK8 deficiency.


X-Linked Hyper IgM Syndrome


X-linked hyper IgM Syndrome - Patients can develop osteopenia and increased fractures. A regulatory role for CD40L in bone mineralization through T cell priming and RANKL signaling has been reported.


Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome


Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome - Patients develop bone marrow failure (with neutropenia), pancreatic insufficiency, and metaphyseal chondrodysplasia. Other skeletal abnormalities include short stature and osteopenia.

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