CVID - Patients are at risk for developing a number of GI tract pathologies including lymphoid nodular hyperplasia and inflammatory bowel disease. An enteropathy with villous blunting (resembling celiac disease) may be present but does not respond to dietary gluten removal. The risk of developing GI tract malignancies (lymphoma, adenocarcinoma) is increased 50 fold.y.  

 IL-10 and IL-10 Receptor Deficiency​


IL-10 and IL10 Receptor Deficiency - Patients present early in life with severe inflammatory bowel disease resulting in formation of anal fissues and fistulae as well as abscesses.  Patients commonly require surgical interventions including partial or total colectomy.  Patients are typically unresponsive to immunosuppressive therapies (corticosteroids, methotrexate, anti-TNFalpha).